New Jersey REALTORS® Fighting Hunger Program Logo

This is a statewide project addressing food insecurity in local communities and raising awareness of our neighbors living with hunger and poverty.

3 Ways for Local Boards/Association To Help


A food bank, food pantry, soup kitchen, or other charitable organization

Raise Funds

For these organizations – NJ REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation is applying for grants to assist them further. Funds are raised for the Housing Opportunity Foundation, supplemented by grants, and distributed to local organizations of their choosing


At least one activity – canned food drive at a meeting, drop off food at local association, work at a soup kitchen, any other activity of your choosing

For Members

As a member you can you get involved in NJ REALTORS® Fighting Hunger program through your local board or with a tax-deductible donation.

To learn about programs and events hosted by your board and how to get involved.

No donation is too small! Your generous gift can help NJ REALTORS® Fight Hunger!

Organizations Supported